Cushman Furniture

Makers mark on a Cushman MirrorCushman furniture was made in North Bennington, Vermont from 1892 until 1971.   It was a very popular brand with a dedicated following. I get calls and emails at least once a week inquiring about our latest Cushman stock.The brand is a local point of pride and we are always happy to take a look at Cushman pieces.   Cushman made all kinds of furniture and cabinetry. There are houses in North Bennington with finely crafted built-ins and maple cabinets.  cushman table and chair set  We just picked up a selection of Cushman pieces from a barn that was within walking distance of the old factory. We got a Cushman dining room set, buffet, and mirror.  All of the pieces are clearly marked and feature the classic Cushman colors.   The table and chairs are in good condition as is the mirror. The buffet has some discolorations that we hope to blend and a swollen door.  It is all in remarkably good condition considering it has lived in a barn for a few years. How do we know it is Cushman? These pieces are clearly marked. Each chair has  Cushman carved on the bottom. The table is carved on the bottom of the faux leaf, the buffet is marked

cushman buffet/server

on the back panel, and the mirror has the tag seen in the first image.  We haven’t priced these yet but if you want more information about them call us at 802-445-3043 or email us at