Repurposing a Door into a Table

door beforeYou often hear that antiques are green. We say it all the time here at Camelot Village and so do many purveyors of antiques and pre owned items.  Repurposing is recycling and this past weekend Kyle and I repurposed a door and three balusters and transformed them into a table.  We are creating an idea center in the furniture barn. A place to brainstorm repurposing projects and demonstrate how to salvage damaged pieces. We built a fun and unique table out of architectural pieces to use as the base for our idea center  Brian and I went into the barn to find a door that we could turn into a table. It needed to be narrow, unpainted and have some character. We selected our door.  Next we selected the legs. We have lots of different types of balusters for sale  and we found three that work as front legs.  Kyle used a combination of mineral spirits and spruce it up to rejuvenate the balusters and I removed the door hardware.

balusters before

balusters before

Once the hardware was taken off I swept the dust and cobwebs off and went over the door with some mineral spirits. We brought it in, set it up on saw horses and used spruce it up to wipe the grime and grease off the door. To make our table stand we installed a cleat on the wall out of a 2×4  Kyle and I wanted to attach the back of the door to the cleat.  We had planned to conceal the screws with oak dowels or plugs. We would attach the legs the same way.  Brian wanted to do as little damage to the door as possible so instead we attached the door and the legs with angle brackets.   We attached a leg using the existing door knob hole and then added a piece of glass. to make the surface level. For tight spaces you could install a piano hinge on the cleat, attach chains, added foldable legs and have a disappearing murphy bed type table.   Our idea center will offer suggestions and tips  to inspire our customers with a wide variety of repurposing ideas. door tableWe will be mounting old drawers as shelves,   and we are in the planning stages of repurposing a piano. Are you looking for ideas for a project you are considering? Stop in to the idea center at Camelot Village Furniture Barn and we can help.

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